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Tarek Abdelmohsen / legal consultant and Certified commercial INTL. Arbitrator   


التحكيم التجاري الدولي و المحلي

الاستشارات القانونية

متابعة الديون و التسوية الودية

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Our Goal

TAMConsultancy represents our clients with all the due diligence of a high level professional. Customer service beyond their expectations of recovery of rights and consolidation of earnings. Optimal investment of legislations and laws, in the interest of our customers. Our expertise is in the hands of our customers, enhancing their decision-making and supporting their future vision for their businesses and projects. We are proud of our customers and we are happy to contact them and visit them to discuss all tastes one session -

to begin the process of detailed work to achieve

the desired outcome.


What Distinguishes Us

28 years of experience

In various legal fields

We have a carefully selected team of experienced jurists of different nationalities as we strive to provide the best level of service with high efficiency and efficiency. Our office members are characterized by their integrity, diligence, hard work, ability to evaluate the legal situation and provide services efficiently and quickly, coupled with our ability to find innovative solutions to any difficulties. As well as , Specialized in INTERPOL'S Intentional cases & pursuit of wanted persons in all countries of the world.
The team of lawyers and legal advisers in our office is the principle of research and obtain all the new laws, regulations, judgments and principles of the Supreme Courts to be our company in the first companies of the magistrate to obtain access to all new in the field of law and justice
We place ourselves in our place of business and act on behalf of him in a timely manner to achieve the best and best results in order to ensure the satisfaction of our client




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